dogs, cats and literary agents

I’m a writer, I have books published in the field of Mind/Body/Spirit, but I’m currently sending a novel round literary agencies. One has asked for the full manuscript. I can’t think about anything else. Sleep? What’s sleep? And I seem to remember having some nails once upon a time! Yet I also feel strangely calm, as though things are working themselves out and I can only wait.

Mic woke me before 7 this morning, leaping out of bed to get milk from the post office so that we could have tea and coffee respectively. Groan… I needed to stay asleep; there were foxes giving their strange, unearthly bark in the back garden and out in the street last night and the dog is terrified of them. I love them, but Dennis barks hysterically every time he hears them. Dragged myself downstairs to find one of the cats had thrown up on my computer table. Why they think it’s a good idea to make themselves sick all over electrical equipment is beyond me. Yuck! Had to clean mouse, keyboard and graphics tablet.

But going out into the cold, bright morning was a good thing. The sun is still low enough at this time of year to pick out landscape features and it showed, very clearly, the shapes of the medieval strip farming down by the river. We take the dog there often as it’s only 10 minutes walk from the house but is a world away from streets and cars. There are herons and rabbits, foxes, squirrels and muntjac deer, as well as the usual dog walkers and their charges.

Having a dog is an amazing thing. You make legions of new friends, all of whom go by names like Dasher’s Mum or Neville’s Dad. They greet you when your paths cross and you walk round with them exchanging news (initially about your respective canine charges, but, as time goes on, increasingly about family, friends, operations, deaths, holidays, children and all manner of subjects you would never normally share with people whose first names you don’t know). But should you meet those same people out of dog walking context, say in the middle of town and without dog, they will look at you blankly, quite obviously not recognising you.

Ok, that’s enough for my first blog. I’m off to watch rubbish TV and bite my nails some more and try not to think about how my book is faring with the agent who is reading it (but whom, it has to be said, was very enthusiastic about it).





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19 responses to “dogs, cats and literary agents

  1. Cathie

    Hurrah – very interesting to hear about book and the dog walking. I suspect that Ben has been ill somewhere in the house also – based on strange noises coming from downstairs last night.. but have yet to encounter evidence.

  2. Haha – so true about making friends whilst dog-walking. I remember that!
    I love the photo of the trees at the top, very atmospheric. Good luck with getting your book published!

  3. Hi cathie, thanks for your comment. I think it’s coming up to that time of year for cat throwing up events. I often find evidence hidden, or I step in it with bare feet first thing in the morning. Aaaaggghhh!

  4. Donna Bardos

    Hi Flick,
    I have cats now but years ago I did have an adorable dog. I loved walking her and as you said you always meet such nice people when walking around. Having already read some of your book’s, I know what a great writer you are. I definately look forward to your new book and hope you will get it published soon.

  5. Hello! Awesome idea 😉 I’ll look forward to reading more. Wish I could write like you do. Stop biting those nails at once !! you have nothing to worry about *Hugs* We love you and what you do. Their loss if they don’t xx

  6. Donna, thank you so much for your positive feedback, especially about the books.

  7. Linda Swain

    Loved your other books and really look forward to reading the latest – a novel, super, can’t wait!!!! Fortunately, my cats seem to throw up outside – usually on the garden path and as for foxes, I hope they do their courting away from my garden, my chickens – ex-bats are just about settled and looking fat and fluffy after their horrible start to life. Daffodils are showing fat buds so Spring is almost here – Yippeeee. Good luck with the exciting new novel.
    Love Linda

  8. Natalie S

    Ahhh so that’s what that strange noise was I heard in the middle of the night a few weeks back.. I had wondered as we do have foxes around here but had never heard them before.A bit like a cross between a dog and a female tawny owl screeching, both of which I have often heard in the night!

    Good luck with the book.

    • Hi Natalie, that’s exactly the sound and it’s indeed foxes, quite a thrilling sound but it drives the poor dog into hysteria!
      thanks for wishing me luck with the book!

  9. Katherine Farquharson

    I love your blog. Best of luck with the book – I think their initial enthusiasm is a very good sign. The picture of the tree is lovely, and so are the pictures of you. I especially like the half-a-Flick. xx

  10. Nice blog. Looking forward to your new book.
    Regards, Kerr Cuhulain

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