literary agent jitters and hyperbole

me: “But I’ve explained that a million times.”

him: “You’re exaggerating, that’s a lie, you haven’t explained a million times.”

me: “I don’t mean literally a million times. It’s acceptable exaggeration Everybody does it.”

him: “You’re doing it again. Not everybody does it. Define everybody. I don’t do it.”

me: “I don’t mean literally everybody; it’s a figure of speech. We’re British, that’s how we interact. “

him: “Well I don’t. You shouldn’t exaggerate, you’re always doing it. Stop being so dramatic.”

me: “But…but…it’s in common usage. It’s hyperbole.”

him: “Ah, hyperbole. Well, why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

Meanwhile…waiting to hear from the literary agent is nerve-wracking. She asked for two weeks to read my book exclusively. This is the second week and time’s up on Thursday. I suppose if I haven’t heard from her yet, that might be good news. But then you read about people being asked for the full manuscript and then never hearing from the agent again. I don’t really think that will happen: she seems ethical, professional and kind and she was very complimentary and enthusiastic about the book. However, no matter how much she likes it, if she doesn’t think she can sell it she won’t represent it. Fingers crossed that she feels she can find a market for it as I would rather be represented by someone who is enthusiastic about my work, as they will be more likely to fight for it.

So, it’s back to biting my nails and eating bags of donuts.

Never mind, spring is beginning to happen and we have daffodils unfurling by the front door.



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2 responses to “literary agent jitters and hyperbole

  1. It’s really interesting to read through your nerve racking experiences. You convey your emotions so well, interspersed with wit and humour. I wish you every success in having some action on the publishing front.

  2. Thank you Kate for your comments and good wishes. hopefully it won’t be nerve wracking for much longer – one way or the other 🙂

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