sun at last, let’s dream of summer




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3 responses to “sun at last, let’s dream of summer

  1. Jane Peart

    Hi Flick I’ve enjoyed reading your bloggs and also like the photographs you’ve posted. I’d contact the agent a few days to a week after the two week period if you don’t hear anything. Also read Narrow Dog to Carcassonne, in fact that was one of the reasons we went there a couple of years ago. I’d been there a few centuries ago and loved it and the book reminded me of that! Good luck with the book I’d say it sounded very positive but from reading your comments perhaps you would say cautiously positive!

  2. Hi Jane, thank you for your comments. I think you’re right and I will contact her next week.
    I’m longing to go to Carcassonne, which is one reason I bought the book. My only sadness was that it seemed to end rather suddenly, without describing Carcassonne at all. But it was a very good read and made me laugh literally out loud several times.

    • Forgot to say, Jane, yes, cautiously optimistic but also very realistic pretty much sums up my state of mind. Thanks again for your response 🙂

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