boundaries and responding to the weather

Is everybody affected emotionally by the weather? I suppose we must be. I suppose it’s even something that happens at gut level and stems from our distant past as a species that lived outdoors without the benefit of central heating and supermarkets to ease life. I don’t personally do depression (for which I’m very grateful) but even I find myself cheering up immeasurably when the sun shines, or feeling exhilarated by an approaching storm. I have people close to me whose moods are very much altered by weather and the changing seasons. What prompted this line of thought was the resumption of rain today. We took the dog out in it this morning and got muddy and damp. Though I can see blue sky outside now, as we move towards the end of the afternoon.

To digress, why is it that some people are touchy about their own boundaries but oblivious to those of others? They lay down ground rules before you’ve even got to know them, telling you how much space they need, not even adopting a wait and see attitude and letting their interchange with you find its own level. But…when you do something that doesn’t include them, they feel hurt, pushed out, abandoned. And they are unable to let you do your own thing, fussing and suggesting and taking over. Could it be that taking their “freedom” so seriously is a way of being in control and of protecting themselves? I just wonder how free someone can really be when so much of their time is spent defining and guarding their parameters/perimeter/fences.


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