boars hill

We went to Boars Hill today with Dennis,  setting out across the poet Matthew Arnold’s famous field, meandering through the woods with mud and mire underfoot, then down a ride by fields, a little stream to our right with a lion’s head pouring water from its stone mouth. There is no doubt that spring has arrived, though the cold, damp days of late have masked the fact. But I saw primroses and daffodils everywhere, along with the last of the snowdrops fading back and going brown.

We skirted the base of Jarn Mound. It’s some sort of folly built like a mini Silbury Hill with a moat at the bottom. From the top you can see over the crowns of the trees to the White Horse hills and beyond. There’s a plinth with a beautiful circular Tolkienesque map to show you where you are and what you can see from every one of the 360 degrees of viewpoint.  People keep stealing the map. I’d be tempted to purloin it myself if I could work out how to prise it loose – though I hope I’m honest enough not to. Anyway, we didn’t go up there today, instead weaving among the moss covered green boulders and the yew trees in the wood below and back out along the road, past large, expensive houses with names like Birchfield (not a birch tree in sight!).

Still no news from the literary agent.



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4 responses to “boars hill

  1. Natalie S

    Interesting how much further on with Spring you are ~ our back garden is still swathed in snowdrops, though the daffs are starting to plump up their buds.Pretty cold and damp here too today!

    Hope you hear from the agent soon.

    • Spring has erupted the last few days, flowers everywhere and leaves beginning to appear, particularly willow.
      The agent decided not to take the book in the end. I’m going to write about that on here in the next couple of days.

  2. You are lucky to live so near to the white horse 🙂
    Crocus’ and Daffodils have sprung everywhere it seems in the last week. I found a tiny box of seeds that someone must have given me ages ago so I planted them whilst the sun shone yesterday. It was warm enough to sit on my balcony without a coat chatting with a friend over coffee – bliss (and vitamin D!) Fingers crossed for your agent soon!

    • I know I’m lucky 🙂 Waylands Smithy is about a mile further on along the Ridgeway too. And we have the Rollrights half an hour from us.
      Warmer the last couple of days, but frosty the last two nights. It’s all adjusting and gathering momentum towards the Equinox.

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