on being asked for the full manuscript

The original agent who asked for exclusive sight of my novel for two weeks turned me down. She ran to three weeks and, when I asked her for news, came back to me very quickly and said that my characters didn’t get under her skin; she had wanted them to develop along the lines of Mary Wesley’s characters. But…now another agent has requested the full manuscript and said that she has enjoyed my characters. It all goes to show how subjective is the process of assessing fiction.

Although being asked for your full manuscript doesn’t guarantee being published, it is very encouraging and shows that something about your writing must be doing the trick and getting you noticed.

Fingers crossed and watch this space!



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2 responses to “on being asked for the full manuscript

  1. Oooh that’s brilliant Flick! I think it’s really true that it’s a subjective business. People have recommended novels to me saying they are amazing and yet I can’t wade through more than a few chapters. Then there are others that have mixed reviews but fill me with inspiration.
    It must say something for your book if they have asked for the whole manucript – good luck 🙂

    • Thanks!
      I must say it’s encouraging that two agents have now asked to read the whole thing. I suppose the next hurdle is getting them to like the rest of the book. Hopefully I’ll get a really good agent with whom I form an excellent relationship.

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