writing, tweeting, the indie author community and having a new dog in rainy Britain

I’ve been tied to the house for six weeks due to the arrival of Isha our new dog, a six month old Saluki/Whippet rescue dog. It’s been a very restricting time till recently. In the early days I spent the whole time she was awake holding onto the end of a lead to make sure she didn’t chase our five cats. To begin with too she had a badly upset tummy and had to be taken into the garden at regular intervals, including the middle of the night. It was something like having a new baby in terms of sleep deprivation and in the end it was easier to sleep with her so that I could get her out at the first whimper, thus forestalling any messy accidents. That led to temporary separation anxiety and Bee Gee like howling at night once we began to leave her downstairs alone (except for the company of our border collie cross, that is). Then there was the problem of exercising her while she was first with us and couldn’t safely be allowed off the lead away from the house. Add that to torrential rain and a very wet June and you can imagine the effect a cooped up running dog has had on the garden.

None of this, of course, has been conducive to writing blogs or books, or networking. Though I have made a start on the sequel to The Aunt Sally Team.

Meanwhile I have plunged into using Twitter. I’ve had an account for some months but just didn’t “get it”. It’s been a bit of a learning curve, especially getting used to how fast it all moves, but I’m now retweeting like a goodun – so much so that this morning I retweeted so many other authors’ books that I was rate limited and couldn’t tweet my own for several hours. I hadn’t realised there was a limit – though I suppose, thinking about it, that there would have to be. I know now! But it’s been wonderful to connect with a thriving community of other writers, many of them indie authors.

So now to drag myself away from blogs and Twitter and obsessively watching my hourly book sales and Amazon ranking. I have a novel to write, hopefully in time for Christmas.




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4 responses to “writing, tweeting, the indie author community and having a new dog in rainy Britain

  1. ah yes Networking … every author’s favourite way to spend the day … unfortunately once you’ve spent the morning tweeting, the afternoon commenting on other people’s blogs and the evening thinking of something to write on your own, at bedtime you realise that you haven’t actually done any authoring at all!!

  2. I have to agree. That’s one reason i don’t manage to blog daily like a lot of authors. I tend to work in circles, a bit of writing, some tweeting, Facebook etc. Plus trundling off to the kitchen for snacks! I seem to spend more time retweeting other authors books than my own. But I do like the feeling of belonging to a community of other indie authors, which gives me a sense of others going through the same things. Writing can be isolating but interacting with people in the real rather than the virtual world can be even more distracting and time consuming. And only other writers really understand the ups and downs and trials you have. Still, I’d rather be doing all this than working in an office. I really respect writers who hold down a full time job and still have time to write!

  3. I trust your new dog has settled down now? I’ve had many dogs and have always curled up with them for the first few nights, particularly pups. We always managed to get them clean in around 2 weeks – no anxiety and no attention defecating!

    • She’s fine now. She was clean when she could be – rescue dogs pretty much always have upset stomachs the first few weeks. I’ve never had it with dogs from secure beginnings. Isha was starving when she was found, very emaciated, so it’s no wonder she was in such a bad way. Actually feeding her bananas cured the loose bowel, though she still gets a touch of it once in a while. She’s a delight to have around.

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