KDP Select free promo part 2, sunny Britain and dog news

My first free promotion of The Aunt Sally Team on Amazon KDP Select was so unexpectedly successful (see my blog entry https://flickm.wordpress.com/2012/06/28/is-kdp-select-worth-the-restrictions-2-2/) that I ran a second one on the 18th and 19th of this month (July). Sales had been fantastic for quite some time after the event, but were finally dwindling to around 10 books per day, so I felt I had nothing to lose.

I’m experiencing another sales boost, but it isn’t as spectacular as the first. I think one reason is that the promo ran for one less day. I had only half the number of free downloads compared with last time. However, I’m still selling a pleasing quantity of The Aunt Sally Team. Some of these sales may be down to my activity on Twitter, of course, and I have noticed increased traffic on my Blog since I began tweeting, plus my other book The Sacred Marriage has picked up. But there’s no doubt in my mind that the bulk of downloads is due to the free promo.

The Aunt Sally Team: http://amzn.to/MgZRmW & http://amzn.to/LJvFhf

The Sacred Marriage: http://amzn.to/LhdwVm & http://amzn.to/Lr8JoY

I’m pleased that the sequel to The Aunt Sally Team is rolling along. I’ve done over 9,000 words and it’s beginning to come together after the sticky start. I had no idea that doing a sequel would be quite that hard: it’s very strange picking up on the characters’ lives a year on from when I began writing the first book and several months on in terms of the events in the book itself. I just treated myself to an iPad 3 with my royalties and I have to say that it makes writing a joy as it’s like a mini laptop and can be used anywhere.

Meanwhile, it’s stopped raining and Britain is enjoying lovely hot, sunny weather along with an absolute profusion of wild flowers in fields, hedgerows and roadside borders – no doubt the result of weeks of rain followed by sun. The heat is much appreciated by Isha, our rescue Saluki cross but not so much by our Border collie/Husky, Dennis, who gets very puffed. Isha has settled in incredibly quickly and it feels as if she’s been here forever. Happy days!



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6 responses to “KDP Select free promo part 2, sunny Britain and dog news

  1. Hi Flick, I was wondering how the promo worked out for you. Thanks so much for the update. Great news on the latest novel – looking forward to it! See you in the tweets and thanks so much for your great support. Ruth 🙂

  2. Oh, Ruth, you’re really welcome regarding the support, thank you as well. I’m still finding my way round twitter and getting the hang of how to tweet other people or thank multiple people, or I’d be more efficient.
    Wish I could crack how to make the sales stick post promo. i think I need more positive reviews. It takes ages to accumulate them, but people look at how many you’ve got and what rating before they buy. It really is such hard work promoting your work that it leaves little time for writing ;(
    Take care and thanks for being such a friend.

  3. Sounds like your flying along! I wonder is a really big like 5 day free promotion the way to go or are you better off splitting it in two with 3 days and 2 days …

  4. I worry that it would tail off after the first 3 days and then you’d have used up all your days. It’s certainly been useful to have the days over to re-boost the sales. It might also be worth trying 5 one day promos.
    How’s your book? when is it out?

  5. Congrats on your success with KDP Select. The program isn’t the way it used to be with the algorithm changes around April or March. I’ve decided to not use the program again.

    • Hi James, I don’t know why it’s worked so well for me. It hasn’t been as successful this time as last though and i’m not sure whether or not I’ll do it again, always supposing that amazon keeps running the program. Really interesting to read your experience on your website btw.

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