social networking…

…is stealing my life away! Begin day: breakfast in front of the computer while retweeting other authors’ books and giving my own a quick push; feed dogs; more retweeting, a look at Facebook and pootle around checking my books’ sales and rankings (who am I kidding, that’s the first thing I do when I wake up!); walk dogs; try to do some writing but get distracted by Twitter and Facebook – repeat at regular intervals.

But, you know, it is a wonderful way for authors to keep in touch and meet new friends; it isn’t all about promoting your books. Writing is a very isolating occupation, and while that’s fine and good most of the time, creativity flows better if you have inspiration, input and companionship from others doing the same as you. It’s impossible not to get caught up in the social side of social networking. The icing on the cake for me has been  ‘meeting’ some lovely people and finding new books to read.  A spin-off has been that I see myself mentioned in unexpected places now, popping up on virtual newspapers, websites etc. That has to be good for exposure.

Meanwhile I’m finding the iPad an invaluable tool. I can transfer my new book back and forth from the main computer via Dropbox, which means I can keep writing in front of the television while my partner is watching the Olympics, or slobbed out on the sofa in the morning sun or even in the garden (I know you can do that with a laptop too, but the iPad is smaller and more comfortable to hold). The sequel to The Aunt Sally Team ( & – note sneaky social networking style addition of link!) is growing much faster than the original book did as a result of this relaxed approach to writing. Being able to compose anywhere, instead of making a task of it by sitting in front of the computer, is helping the creative part of my brain to get productive. And don’t get me wrong, though there is discipline involved in writing, I actually love doing it.



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13 responses to “social networking…

  1. Hi Flick, I keep getting caught up in the ‘social whirl’ too! I feel as you, though, so great to meet lovely people and share with them. I was looking at your photography the other day too which is just incredible. Will be tweeting on it in time. So glad the iPad is a success. Happy working and see you soon! Ruth 🙂

  2. Glad you like the photos. i don’t get time for it nowadays, my shutter button fingers is too busy retweeting 😉 Did you see i rote you a review for your Faith track. Love it and downloaded it. the words are awesome.

  3. that was wrote not rote! duh…

    • Hi Flick, I didn’t see your review but by now you know that I have! (You know, I know, ‘cos of that beautiful time stealer twitter…) Your review means such a lot to me as it is the first one I have got on Amazon. So glad you like ‘Faith’ as it is very special to me. See you soon! Ruth

  4. I totally understand what you mean! Connections are great to make on the social media networks and within the blogging community! We will have to fit in writing along the way 🙂

  5. Christy, you’ve summed it up exactly! We have to fit writing in around the rest 😉 I’m not complaining though as the connections are valuable for many other reasons than self promoting.

  6. dstaylor1

    yeah if you ask me the best thing about social networking is simply meeting interesting people who share similiar interests and goals to yourself

  7. Totally, even though that might not have been the sole or even the primary reason for joining something like twitter.

  8. Hi Flick, I feel like I could have written this post. You and I are living parallel lives across the pond from each other! While I do enjoy meeting new authors, my Kindle is piling up with books to read that I’d have time for if I weren’t on social media and trying to finish my own book. 🙂 I am also quite conscious of the fact that my sabbatical year, during which I wrote, edited and published my two novels, (and spoiled the dog rotten!) is coming to an end in 3 weeks and going back to teaching is going to severely curtail the online activities. The balancing act is going to be ever harder.

  9. Hi Anne-Marie, do let me know how you manage once you’re teaching again. I can’t begin to imagine how people hold down a full time job as well as writing, promoting etc. Sometimes I force myself to take a break and read, but while I’m in the middle of writing it gets difficult to keep from being twitchy. In the end i can’t settle to reading or writing. I think a day off once a week is a must, though I don’t seem to practice what I preach where that’s concerned|!
    Do leave a link for your books.

  10. HI Flick, I’m sure I will find a way to organise myself by the end of September or die trying. I suspect my dog is going to be the hardest hit by my return to work as my husband works long hours in his IT job (by choice and love of it, mind you). My greatest regret is how much this all cuts into my reading time, to be honest.
    The easiest link to my books is my Web site— (with full credit to the clever tech wizard hubby for securing that domain!) It shows you all my links, and I know they are also on as well as in the US online stores. Can you tell me which of your books has the emotionally troubled drinking man? I’d love to compare our perspectives.


  11. Hi Anne-Marie, found them! Good to see you on twitter too 🙂
    btw you have a very pretty name. what sort of dog do you have?

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