social networking again & writing, with a bit of dog walking thrown in

I’m discovering more facets of social networking, especially regarding Twitter. For a start I’m still trying to gauge how many retweets I can do for fellow authors before going over my daily limit. I’ve got a horribly over developed social conscience and can’t bear to leave anyone out. Consequently I keep being rate restricted, thus hampering tweeting about my own books.

But I’m also finding ways to streamline what I’m doing. Following an excellent series of articles by Rachel Abbott in her author friendly blog ( I’ve started using SocialOomph to schedule tweets so that I don’t have to worry about composing those and posting throughout the day: you can even save tweets to repeat post later. However, coming back to being rate restricted, I’m finding that some of my scheduled  tweets aren’t going out because I’m over the limit. I really do need to get a handle on how many to do for other people and how many to save for myself.

I’m making friends and getting to know people on Twitter now. I didn’t think that was going to happen, given the brevity of a tweet, but happily there are ways round the 140 character limit, such as breaking a message into several tweets. There are some truly supportive people and my experience so far has mostly been positive and heartening  One or two other authors are less giving and don’t return the retweet favour and a couple are happy to offer swapping likes for your book but don’t fulfil their side of the bargain, but they are in a minority. The majority are courteous and helpful in the extreme.

With scheduling the tweeting of my books, I’m finding time to write now and have got nearly 13,000 words done of the sequel to The Aunt Sally Team. This may not sound like a lot, but the way I work is to reread and reread, polishing and refining as I go along. Walking the dogs in the local water meadows is helping my writing as the book is set in our home area of Oxford.  We see deer down there from time to time and tonight a heron flew over and buzzards were circling. The place is a mass of wild flowers at the moment: yarrow, convolvulus, vetch, teasel, cranesbill and red and white campion. The endless rain of this summer in Britain, followed by sunshine, has caused an absolute profusion of blooms. It’s all very inspiring.

So all in all life is interesting and fulfilling. The worst of the settling in problems with Isha, our new Saluki lurcher, seem to be behind us. She’s fun and very sweet. We still have some hairy moments with her, like when she ran at full speed into the net surrounding the tennis courts in the park today and did a double somersault, but she’s mostly much easier now.



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6 responses to “social networking again & writing, with a bit of dog walking thrown in

  1. Twitter is fun! I also automate some as well as participating in real-time conversations. Glad you are getting some good writing in!

  2. Thanks Christy. How often do you send out automated tweets? I started with every 2 hours then thought i might be swamping people. Am Trying 3 hourly but that may be too much. Trouble is i still don’t know how these things appear on other people’s timelines. Ah, well, all a learning curve. thanks for your support 🙂

  3. Hi Flick, Great news on the writing! I am only learning about twitter too. I use Hootsuite sometimes to schedule tweets in the early hours of the morning as the time zones matter I think. I love tweeting but I’m having to limit myself so that I can get some writing done! I don’t think you should worry if you miss an RT, people that know you know what a supporter you are. It’s impossible to keep up with it all sometimes and I think the moment it becomes a horrible pressure then something is going wrong. See you in my timeline soon! Ruth 🙂

  4. Hi Ruth, Great to hear from you.

    I thought about Hootsuite but thought you had to pay for it so i went for SocialOomph instead. I think you’re right about it becoming a pressure, but I don’t know quite how to avoid that aspect of self promotion. The upside is meeting lovely people and hearing about their lives and news. For instance, I didn’t know that Christine Nolfi is getting married on the beach on Thursday, isn’t that wonderful? And that they have to watch out for hurricanes at the moment.

    Ah, well, back to the writing, which isn’t flowing as well today, but that’s the nature of the beast. We’ve spent an hour looking for the tv remote, which Mic thought he’d put in a safe place, but in fact was in the new dog Isha’s bed. A few weeks ago it was my phone.

  5. wow you must seriously retweet alot if you’re reaching limits!

  6. i think i’m taking it too seriously 😉 But there are hourly limits too, so if you return the RT favour to everyone who’s RTd you, you can soon run out.

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