reading old style

It’s interesting, in this age of ereaders and eBooks, how evocative the image of the printed page can still be.



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8 responses to “reading old style

  1. I still love to pick up an actual book now and again to read. That is why all four of my novel are available in print form. Because printed books are far from dead. Great post!

  2. Hi Stephanie, it’s strange because I’m reading a paperback at the moment after weeks of eBooks and it felt really odd for a bout ten minutes, then I forgot and it was normal. i still way prefer print books for anything with illustrations. I still get a kick out of cover art too. The one thing that’s annoying about any form of ereader is that you can’t flip back through the pages looking for a passage.

  3. dstaylor1

    For me it’s the smell of real paper books that can’t be beat … dang I must sound like a weirdo now …

  4. Not weird at all – i agree 🙂

    • dstaylor1

      yeah, you just can’t beat a real on I’m actually reading a book right now that I have on both kindle and paper and it’s always the paper one that I go for

  5. Lovely to see the real page Flick – there is nothing like it! I have gained a lot from audible books, though, and the kindle. Even though all roads lead to Rome, still the printed page is special… 🙂 x

  6. I agree, but at the same time i love the portability of reading devices, especially if you go away somewhere. I think what I’d most miss if we did away with books entirely is having them on shelves around my house x

  7. I’m going to be controversial and say i prefer reading from a screen now, but possibly because i work writing on one most days.

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