dementia, a remarkable book & more

Today I want to showcase a book by a fellow author, Doreen ‘Dody’ Cox, Adventures in Mother-Sitting: UK, US

Dody is one of my beta readers for Aunt Sally & More, the sequel to my book The Aunt Sally Team, and I got to know her via Twitter and Facebook. The reason I’m featuring the book is because it’s free at the moment and I think everyone should have a chance to download it. Dementia affects us all sooner or later, whether personally or through the media. If you read Terry Pratchett’s books, you will probably have been moved by finding he has Alzheimer’s and touched by his tireless work in raising public awareness about the deterioration of the mind it causes.  Dody’s book is remarkable as it plots the course of her mother’s deterioration and her own growth as she finds resources within herself to carry on coping and loving. Below is my Amazon review of the book, but don’t take my word for it; take a look.

This book is about the journey two brave, wonderful women make. One treads the path of self realisation and spiritual insight via her role as carer for her elderly mother: the other journeys through dementia to death. The voyage is one of learning, humility, dignity and above all love. These central characters are held and sustained by a network of compassionate supporters – both close family and the health care workers, nurses and doctors involved as well as people chance met along the way. The tale unfolds in an almost Zen like manner, showing how suffering, grief and frustration can evolve into peace, insight and the love and equanimity that help us rise above the hardships and sorrows of the human condition.

Dementia touches all our lives, whether through people close to us, through our own mental deterioration as we grow older or through the wider context of society. I would recommend this beautiful book as reading for anyone closely involved with the experience of dementia or caring for the elderly, but also, perhaps, as a tool of understanding and realisation for anyone.



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8 responses to “dementia, a remarkable book & more

  1. Thank you Flick, for highlighting this book. I have downloaded it.

  2. You’re welcome Linda x

  3. You honor me and my journey with my mom so well, Flick. Thanksgiving is one of my toughest holidays for she loved it so; was a fireball of a person preparing for the gathering of family and friends. Your kindness and friendship has added much sweetness to offset the sorrow. Thank you so much, dear friend.

  4. You are more than welcome and thank you for your kindness to me. Is it Thanksgiving around now? I have a vague memory of being invited to one, by americans we met, when we were in Crete one November many years ago. Think it was November because we were in Turkey for the Id in December that year too x

    • Yes, Thursday is our Thanksgiving Day; always my mom’s favorite time to gather family and friends. I’ll be driving my older sis and me a few hours to my niece’s home. Will carry my British friends with me, in my heart.

  5. sounds like a good read

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